Disabled quadriplegic incomplete in...

Disabled quadriplegic incomplete in an electric wheelchair residing in Millau in the Aveyron since 1993, I plan the summer of 2014 to participate in the photo rally Paris Cap Nord with my light Utility adapted to my transport and fitted to sleep.
Son of Auvergnats farmers, my life as a student near Nantes ended on February 24, 1989 in a car accident.
Since then I will now have to combine everything with a wheelchair and a very reduced mobility. After several visits to the rehabilitation centre, my life as a student takes shape again thanks to computer technology at a vocational retraining centre in Millau in 1993. This training will allow me to enter the world of work.
But it will not be until 2004 that I acquire a van that will allow me to take back the steering wheel thanks to a tailor-made arrangement made by a renowned handicap installer from Paris.

The installation of sleeping equipment in my van now allows me to travel every summer to colder areas and every spring or autumn to warmer areas, my body no longer regulates my temperature. This equipment allows me to overcome all the accessibility problems caused by an incomplete quadriplegic handicap in an electric wheelchair, to sleep comfortably in a double bed with a mattress adapted at a very low cost safely in a campsite, with good organisation and facilitated mobility.

These adventures in complete autonomy, the discovery of a rich European culture, allow me for a moment to forget my handicap thanks to exceptional companions. Our talents as amateur photographers combined, allow us to bring back photographs of these unforgettable and precious journeys.

The range of leisure activities being very limited for a handicap as heavy as mine, travelling to new horizons has become a vital passion. So in 16 years my van Mercedes Sprinter has covered 350,000 kilometers which have taken me from Amsterdam to Berlin, Bruges, Girona, Figueras, Andorra, Lourdes, Carcassonne, Monaco, the Luberon, several times in Brittany, Provence, Paris and Barcelona.
All these trips are of a relatively respectable distance. Also in recent years I plan to go to the Scandinavian countries to observe the midnight sun with North Cap rally.

For this trip, the organization proves more complicated, as well as the distance that is a consequent for a crew of two. While I was looking for a Scandinavian student on Montpellier to have a drop point and a good guide, a former colleague, passionate about photography, informed me of the photo rally Paris cap nord, about 80 crews, which he plans to do in a few years.

After some telephone conversations and e-mails exchanged with the founder, manager Philippe BOUCHER, I deduce that this is the right formula to go safe and avoid to manage a heavy camping organization, ferries and sights to visit and miss as little as possible over such a long distance.

This great rally will be a unique experience for me.